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Producers responsibility

According to the law ”Ordinance of Producers´responsibilities for packaging” all companies that produce, import or sell packaged goods are subject to a number of obligations.

Producers of glass packaging are eligible for affiliation with Svensk Glasåtervinning AB. Producers of packaging of paper, plastic and metal are eligible for affiliation with Förpacknings- och Tidningsinsamlingen AB (FTI).

Agreement 2022:
The Board of Directors has decided to implement a new model to calculate the packaging fee. From 1st of March 2022, it will be based on the weight of the glass package. Existing Agreement is hereby terminated from the 28th of Februari 2022. The Agreement will be automatically renewed, unless you as a company do not accept and want to arrange your responsibility as a producer in an alternative way. The packaging fee will be 0,72 Sek/kg from 1st of March 2022. For more information, see the new Agreement and Price-list enclosed.

Price list 2022